December 19, 2008

Strike two

Posted in Home at 5:41 am by ListenMaudy

Another house that I really wanted sold last night. We had an appointment to go see it today during lunch. It’s hard to schedule time to see houses since it’s dark by the time we get out of work. Mid-day is the only time we can go during the week, and I was actually busy in the middle of the week.

This house was bigger than the last house and had a bigger lot. However, it was located on a dirt road. In the middle of the Valley! A major section of the Valley is still zoned as farmland, so a lot of our potential neighbors own horses and ride them around the neighborood.

We still aren’t approved for a loan though. It seems like we sent in our application forever ago. It was only two weeks, and we didn’t even send everything in at the same time. We probably didn’t submit everything to our broker until three or so days later. That does not mean that I will be patient though!

I felt so dejected yesterday when I saw that my new dream house had gone to “inactive” on the realty website. It had a beautiful wodden fence surrounding the entire property and making it into a compound!

Then last night, I realized that the house was posted twice on the website. Hooray! The other listing probably was deleted since it was a duplicate – that’s why it went to inactive. We could still go see it, and if we were approved this morning, we could buy it at lunchtime!

Then, oh sad day, our temporary realtor emailed and said someone really had bought the house. Someone else will get to live in my dream house, just like someone else gets to live in my other dream house, and I’m sure the same thing is in store for my next dream house and probably the next.

I don’t think I can take much more of this rejection! I get my heart set on a house; I figure out where we should put the pool and how we’ll remodel the kitchen before I even see the inside.

Investors have to be buying the houses. Not many other families are sitting there waiting for a total disaster of a house to come on the market so they can fix it up and make it their true dream house. Investors can see just as well as I can (you know, or better, since they have some experience) that these houses are under-priced, even for a tough market. Buy them, hold them for a few months, and turn a hefty profit. Heck, I would do that if I had a few hundred grand just laying around waiting to be used up.


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