December 20, 2008

Phase one – Complete

Posted in Home at 5:30 am by ListenMaudy

We were pre-approved!

That means that all of the houses that I have saved on different websites could actually be ours. I no longer have to pine for a house that we can’t have; we can actually make an offer on the house we want to buy, if only we could find one.

Getting pre-approved took much longer than I expected. Our mortgage broker told us that it would take one or two weeks. In my mind that meant it should take one week. How could it take longer?! Our credit is good; we both have jobs. Apparently, it still takes a full two weeks. Actually, it was two weeks and one day, but I’m trying to let that go.

I really hoped that we would make an offer and begin the actual buying process before Christmas. It’s not going to happen at this point. There is one house that I love in our price range, but it has some major issues that mean we may not get lender approval on buying it. That house desrves its very own post though.

Now, I have to wait. We probably won’t have time to see any houses until after New Year’s, so I won’t find my dream house until at least January. Our lease ends in late March, and I do not want to stay here one extra day, let alone an extra month, or two or three. I hope my dream house goes on sale soon!


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