December 22, 2008


Posted in Hardly working at 6:02 am by ListenMaudy

I started my new job in late May. That means I have been working there almost seven months. Two weeks ago, we found out that my department was being disbanded and that 40% of our department was being laid off. The rest of us were being transferred to another department. Everyone would have roughly the same job responsibilities, except me.

Since I have the least amount of experience in the industry, “they” decided that I should go into a position where I would learn the most about the industry very quickly. I would still be in the same department as the rest of my team, just in a different group. You know what that group does? Finance.

I don’t have anything against finance, but it wasn’t where I saw myself going. During school, I took finance classes and understood most of it, depending on the class, but it wasn’t what I expected as my career path. Not that I wound up on my desired career path anyway, but that was my choice to make.

Now, I didn’t have a choice; on a Wednesday, they just told me I was in finance, as of Monday. My only real choice is whether to look for a new job. I graduated less than a year ago, so getting a new job, especially now, would be quite difficult. Finance will be a good learning experience; it’s true. I haven’t done anything related to finance in over a year at this point, so I worry that my learning curve will be pretty steep.

Since I transferred into my new department, we have gone out to a couple group lunches. The team is great, and everyone seems to get along well. It’s a relief. However, my bosses keep asking me about my finance experience. They ask where I interned. I tell them, and the follow-up question is, “Were you doing financial analysis there?” No! I haven’t done finance outside of classes!

Maybe over the next few months, I will finally come to love finance like so many people do. Then I’ll write a new post explaining how crazy I used to be. For now, at least I have a job.


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