December 23, 2008

Rock and roll

Posted in Everyday at 5:22 am by ListenMaudy

I haven’t been working out very much recently. I get up early to walk Loth and Fig, but our apartment is in a mostly commercial area, with some other apartment buildings strewn about. Walking two tiny dogs in the dark makes me really nervous; there are a lot of sketchy vans parked on the neighboring streets. My nervousness leads to relatively short walks that basically stick to the perimeter of our apartment complex.

These short walks don’t really count as enough exercise for me. My original plan was to work out after walking the dogs, but you know, that didn’t necessarily pan out. I was training for a triathlon for a little while, and I may still do a race this year. I can’t say I’ve been making a lot of progress.

However, I do miss my new favorite workout: the Rockn’ Roll Stepper. It is a ridiculous Tony Little product that looks a little bit like a tiny stair-stepper. Instead of moving vertically, it rocks to the left and right as you step down on the foot platforms. It comes with this ridiculous video of Tony himself doing the workout right along with you. He even talks about “swinging”! It makes me laugh every time.

This workout only lasts up to 20 minutes or so, but it exhausts me. I definitely noticed some more definition in my legs after doing it for only a week. It has beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. I don’t know how hard the advanced level is since it was too hard for me!

Sadly, the Rockn’ Roll Stepper still counts as working out, so I haven’t set foot on it since we moved to LA. I was a lot more inspired to do indoor workouts when we lived somewhere really cold, and Loth didn’t want to go outside that much. Also, we have about four square feet of space in our living room, which is slightly less than I need to flail about on my way to fitness.

One of the things that I look forward to in owning a house is having somewhere that I can use my Rockn’ Roll Stepper. I think we’ll most likely install hardwood (you know, or laminate, whatever) floors, so I might go sliding all over the living room. At least I’ll get to reunite with my long-lost workout buddy!


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