December 24, 2008

Early to rise

Posted in Early to rise, Everyday at 7:57 am by ListenMaudy

I decided that I would try to become an early riser. When I was little I always got out of bed early, and that lasted right up through high school and my first year of college. Then I moved in with my best friend in college. She introduced me to the wiles of a beautiful beast named “snooze.” Ever since then, the snooze button and I have had an intimate, loving relationship. He’s there for me every morning, for hours on end, until I finally give in and get out of bed.

On the weekends I give him a rest. He works so hard during the week that both he and I need a break, so I sleep in. Especially if I’ve had a few drinks, then he’s off the hook for a while. The take-home here is that I really enjoy sleeping in; I am not what you would call a morning person. Muffin is. I would rather stay up until 3am and get up at 11; Muffin would rather go to sleep at 9pm and get up at 6. I always thought he was crazy.

Then, I read about polyphasic sleep. It sounds like the best thing ever. I could be awake for almost 22 hours a day. Think about how much stuff you could get done in 22 hours a day. I could basically work two full-time jobs, and still have as much free time as I did before. It sounds like a dream come true. Sadly, Muffin vetoed it since it would involve a really rigid schedule that would impact him and the amount of time we spend together. I definitely don’t want to spend less time with Muffin, and needing to take a 20 to 30 minute nap in the middle of the evening would really interfere with our social life.

Ha! As if we had a social life! But maybe one day we will, so I don’t want to jeopardize that possibility by having to take a nap every day. Also, I really hate naps, but that’s a different story that I wasn’t going to let get in my way of my dream!

Anyway, since polyphasic sleeping was out, I found the next best thing: getting up at five in the morning, every morning. Since I’m not a morning person, I know this idea sounds crazy, but the theory makes some sense. The idea is that if you train your body to get up at the same time every morning, you’ll adjust the time you go to sleep to accommodate how tired you are. You should need less sleep and feel less tired because you have a reliable routine.

So far it has been going pretty well. I started the week before Thanksgiving, and I was going strong for a while. Then I had a one-night morning stand with my old love, the snooze button. Since then, we’ve been more or less inseparable. I figured out that I needed something to do in the mornings to get me out of bed. Getting up just to walk the dogs in the cold darkness around our creepy neighborhood for some reason wasn’t doing it. And so this blog was born!


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