January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Posted in Early to rise, Shorts at 5:27 am by ListenMaudy

We’re just over five hours into 2009. I don’t usually make resolutions; I don’t really see the point. If I actually wanted to change something about my life, I wouldn’t wait until January 1st to do it.

This year however, my resolution is to get up at 5 am every morning. I have been waking up at 5 am every morning since Thanksgiving, but the getting up and out of bed part? I suck at that. From today until January 31st, I will not hit snooze. I will get right out of bed at 5 am and start my day. I think that will require a lot more blog posts! Or maybe just more thought into the posts I already write…

I had been planning to write more often over the holidays, but that obviously didn’t pan out. Christmas was, of course, busy, and then Muffin and I went out of town to visit his family. Portland was so cold! We just missed all the major snow. We had some trouble driving home from the airport but nothing after that. It was a relief that we didn’t have to get out in a snowstorm and try to put chains on a rental car. I can do without cold weather from now on.

Have a great New Year’s Day!


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