January 5, 2009

Ready for a house

Posted in Home at 5:47 am by ListenMaudy

I started my new job in May. We moved to LA and got an apartment the weekend before I was scheduled to start working. We showed up on Friday, and I was at work on Tuesday. (It was Memorial Day weekend.)

That was a really stressful move. All moves are stressful, but leaving yourself no time to find a place to live doesn’t improve the situation. All of the rental offices were closed on Friday for the holiday weekend. We were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to find an apartment on Friday, and Saturday looked even less promising.

Anyway, we found a place to live. It was the one building where they answered their phone and were around to show an apartment. We pay about $700 over my budget every month in rent. It’s a pretty small apartment in a “nice” yuppie complex that’s part of a big chain across the country. People are robbed with less frequency than at some of the nearby complexes.

I hate this apartment. For this much money, our heat should have worked when we tried to turn it on. Our microwave should not have been running continuously for a month before they could fix it. The gates to get in and out of the garage should work and not go unrepaired for two weeks at a time!

For the amount of money we pay, we should have a great apartment. If we had gotten a cheap apartment, at least we could be saving money to buy the house we’ve been planning on. This place is sucking my money away and not giving me enough in return. When we move out, we won’t be paying much more for our mortgage and property taxes than we do here for rent, maybe $100 a month. That’s small price to pay for owning your own house.

The apartment building’s fire alarm went off at 3 o’clock this morning. I didn’t get out of bed. Muffin went to check for smoke, but neither of us believed there was a fire. The smoke alarm goes off at least once a month. That’s not the worst out of the places I’ve lived, but seriously? What the hell? I lived in a co-op during college that cost for four months what I now pay for one, and that included food and utilities. I was willing to put up with false alarms once a week.

If I wanted to deal with that, I would have moved back into some crappy community housing, not an apartment that cost an arm and a leg. The one saving grace is that we have been told that the complex in Studio City is more of the party complex, and this one is really boring. Thank god we didn’t move to Studio City.


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