January 6, 2009

The hunt begins…for reals this time

Posted in Home at 5:31 am by ListenMaudy

We met with our new realtor last night. She seems really good, like an actual professional who knows what she’s doing. This is quite the change from the first realtor we went out with.

Since our house search has now begun in earnest, we went to look at a house last night. It was in the same neighborhood as the house for auction that we looked at on Saturday, and it turned out to have the exact same layout, only reversed. It was over two times the starting bid of the auction house and in a little better shape. They don’t have a master bedroom, so we’d have to add a bathroom and remodel a room to get a house we would like. At the potential auction sale price, it’s worth it. At this price, it isn’t.

The interesting thing now is that we are going to have to look at houses in the dark. Sometimes the electricity won’t work, so we have to bring flashlights to see the house. How are we going to see a house with a flashlight, really? That is crazy to me, but at least we can get a feel for whether we like the house at all. If we do, we can, hopefully, come back the next day at lunch. You know, when it’s light out!

Muffin and I searched through houses last night and picked out about thirteen that we’d like to go see. It’s hard to pick what order we should see them; houses that have been on the market for 45 days will suddenly wind up with six offers and sell in three minutes. I know that’s just how real estate goes, but with no way of predicting it, it’s daunting.

In theory, we are going back out to see more houses tonight. In the dark. With our flashlights. It should be interesting!


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