January 15, 2009

Day 14 & 15

Posted in Grace in small things at 6:43 am by ListenMaudy

1. Dental insurance

2. Being able to afford the co-pay for Muffin to get his wisdom teeth pulled

3. Having a flexible boss who doesn’t mind if I come in late

4. Muffin’s resiliency and toughness about pain

5. That Muffin came out of general anesthesia unharmed.

1. Breakfast cereal

2. Heat and eat meals for when Muffin can’t cook

3. Starting to be included in the group at work

4. A realtor who actually wants to help us buy a house

5. A little bit more patience than I had three days ago

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace In Small Things.


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