January 17, 2009

Day 16 & 17

Posted in Grace in small things at 10:48 pm by ListenMaudy

I could have sworn that I posted these yesterday! I wonder if it’s considered cheating if I double up my days… Well, it’s only cheating myself, so here I go again.

1. Finally having work to do

2. Feeling less like I’m going to get laid off

3. That Muffin is feeling better

4. Casual Fridays

5. Not being pregnant (Not that there was a scare or anything, I’m just grateful that I’m not!)

1. Having our offer accepted!

2. Not having to look at any more houses for five or so years

3. Being able to live somewhere and not have to think about moving ever, unless we want to

4. Starting to pick colors and finishes for real

5. Getting to move out of this apartment

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in 365 days of Grace In Small Things.


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