January 17, 2009

We win

Posted in Everyday, Home at 7:17 am by ListenMaudy

Our offer on the house was accepted! We actually wound up going $30k over asking price. We still got a good deal in the long run, and we are totally comfortable with the price. It’s more than I wanted to spend, but that’s because I’m cheap and have an insatiable love for shoes.

As of right now, we aren’t scheduled to close until February 23. That is so far away! We really hope to close sooner than that because we’d like to get as much work done as possible before we move in. We don’t have to do too much to make it possible to move in, but we’d much rather move in after everything is completely done.

We are so excited to remodel. I built diagrams in MS Visio of the house in its current configuration and then what we want it to look like. The one problem with this is that we don’t have exact measurements. We measured all the rooms last time we were there, but I don’t know the positioning of doors or load-bearing posts. I also built spreadsheets of budgets and remodeling. My heart was set on this house as soon as we put in an offer.

I really look forward to posting pictures of the house here to show how we’ve progressed. The next step is to get a house inspection, so while that’s happening, we’ll take more measurements so I can refine my drawings. Hopefully, what we have now isn’t too far off, or else we’re in real trouble.


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