January 23, 2009

Not so far along

Posted in Everyday, Home at 6:54 am by ListenMaudy

We have all our inspections scheduled for tomorrow. We’re getting a regular inspection, a sewerline inspection, and a chimney inspection. We want to know everything that’s wrong with this house.

Unfortunately, the bank still hasn’t executed their own freaking contracts, so we aren’t in escrow. We are prohibited from performing any inspections until we’re in escrow. We also need to have the utilities at the house turned on for the day so that we can actually perform all the right inspections. We can’t do that without being in escrow either.

We sent back their required addendum on Saturday. Our mortgage broker was trying to take the weekend off, but she wrote the pre-approval letter for us anyway. It’s the bank’s own form; why are they taking so long to sign it?

The other major issue is timing. I don’t just mean timing for our remodeling, either. The bank said that our inspection period id over on 1/28. That’s next week. Muffin and I can’t both take half-days off work to be at the inspections during the week, so we have to schedule them for weekends.

If we can’t do them tomorrow, we’re hosed. We have to reschedule for next weekend. That means we will need to update the addendum with correct dates. If it’s taking the bank a week to sign their own contract, how long will it take them to make a change?

We’re getting to the point that if can move around the walls and get new floors before we have to move into the house, I will feel lucky. Things aren’t going our way, from a timing perspective. It’s really frustrating, and we’ve only just begun.


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