January 24, 2009

A big day

Posted in Everyday, Home at 8:17 am by ListenMaudy

After all that worry yesterday, the bank signed all the documents. We are good to go on our inspections! It also turns out that the power actually was turned on at the house, but the circuit breakers had been turned off. Apparently, this is fairly common, and our realtor suggested that this might be the case. Why she didn’t suggest it when we were looking at this house by flashlight? I’ll never know.

I was so relieved yesterday that we didn’t have to cancel the inspections.  Muffin and I met over at the house at lunch. I picked up Taco Bell on the way, and Muffin found the circuit breaker and turned it on. I was so excited, and I still absolutely love this house. Even though we’re changing so much in it, I can already tell how great it will be.

The inspections start at noon today, so we’re going to head over a little early. I could just sit in that house all day, even though it’s cold and smells a bit funny right now. We’re going to take all new measurements and pictures so I can update all of our plans and diagrams. I’ll post pictures of the house and my diagrams sometime this week. We’re so excited about looking at tiles, paint, wood floors, etc. that I might be busy for the rest of the weekend. I’ll post them fairly soon, though.

For now, here’s the picture of the front of the house from the listing. We’re having a really tough time deciding what colors we should paint it. I would definitely welcome any suggestions!

What color should it be?

What color should it be?


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