January 25, 2009

Results show, episode 1

Posted in Everyday, Home at 7:45 am by ListenMaudy

The inspections went pretty well, I guess. When we got to the house, we went inside to look around. It’s been raining for a few days in LA, so we were glad to get a chance to see the house in the gloom and to see if there were any leaks.

Yes, there are leaks. In a spare bedroom, the roof is leaking, and the floor is leaking. There are also a bunch of small problems, but most of them should get addressed when we do the remodeling we were planning on doing anyway, including the leak at the floor of the spare room.

Apparently, someone filled in the walkway next to the house, both too close to the house and without sealing the wall of the house. Water seeps down and sits at the wall of the house. Then it seeps into the spare room. We were going to leave the walkway, but we were going to tear out the section next to it and put in a lawn. It won’t be too much more work to tear out the walkway and either replace it or leave it grass. We’ll probably leave it grass for now and add a new walkway later, after we can afford it again.

The chimney also needs to be rebuilt above the roof line. There are cracks throughout the top part, and I guess the liner needs to be replaced or something. The guy wants $3,500 to fix it! That sounds like so much money, but he also added things like adding some bricks to cover the gas line, an undertaking that would be purely aesthetic. (Shockingly, he was both inspecting the chimney and trying to sell us on the repairs. I wonder how it wound up needing so much work!) We have an almost $2,000 credit from the bank, so hopefully that will cover the safety-related chimney repairs.

The really bad news is that we might, possible, maybe need a new roof. It would be one thing if we had found out yesterday, one way or the other. We need to call in a roofing inspector to tell us for sure. Here’s why we can’t know for sure: The roof is pretty new, but it might be the wrong type of roof. Because of the pitch of the roof, we either need a flat asphalt roof or a composition shingle roof with double layers of underlayment underneath.

We have a composition shingle roof, and the inspector couldn’t lift the shingles to see the underlayment without tearing them. He couldn’t tell whether it has the double underlayment or not. It’s obviously leaking, so we need to get a roofing guy out to tell us whether the shingles are a conforming roof or not. If it is conforming, then we need an estimate on repairs. If it isn’t conforming, then we need an estimate on a new roof.

Either way, we’re going to need to submit a request to the bank for a credit for the repairs. Our budget is already stretched beyond where we wanted to be. Stretched so far that we’re looking at laminate flooring instead of any type of real wood, engineered or otherwise. If the bank won’t fund the repairs, we are going to have to walk on this house. For the amount of time it’s taking to get into a house these days, I hope, for the love of pete, that the bank will be reasonable.


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