January 25, 2009

Results show, episode 2

Posted in Everyday, Home at 4:19 pm by ListenMaudy

The results of the sewerline inspection were pretty good. There is at least one major problem with it, though. The main cleanout for the line has been covered. The inspector had to send his camera down through the roof to see anything, and he was able to find where the main cleanout should be.

When they poured the concrete patio in front of the house, they just poured right over the cleanout. That means that we have to get it uncovered and possibly install a new cleanout, depending on its condition.

The other weird thing is that there are actually two main lines coming from the house. Usually, you need a lot more bathrooms to warrant a second line. The main reason that this is an issue is because he couldn’t inspect the second line. He assumes it’s probably in similar condition to the other one, but he would have to remove the toilet in order to inspect it. We decided to risk it.

The good news is that the pipes are in good shape, for the most part. They’re clay, so they will last forever. However, they’re clay, so roots love them. Apparently, our pipes are 80-90% blocked with roots. We have a video of the inspection, complete with narration, so we can verify it! This really means that we have to install the cleanouts for both main lines. If we don’t want the pipes to become blocked completely, we need to do routine maintenance on the clay pipes to clear out the roots.

His guesstimate was that installing the cleanouts and repairing the concrete pad would cost $2,000. Jeez louise! On the upside, we should be able to do most of it ourselves, including exposing the pipes since we have to rent a jackhammer anyway. Then once the cleanouts are installed, we can fill in the concrete and everything. The only part we really  can’t do is the actual cleanouts. That’s not the worst thing that could happen. It’s just one more reason to ask the bank to give us credit.


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