January 28, 2009

Results show, episode 3

Posted in Home at 11:53 pm by ListenMaudy

We had our roof inspection yesterday. Our roof is basically fine! There are a few areas that ought to be repaired, one of which is the leaky part, of course, but other than that, it’s a-okay. We are still going to submit a request to the bank to credit us for the money for all of the repairs, but it doesn’t need a whole new roof.

We had the inspection during our lunch break. I went over to meet the roofer, Wayne, and we looked around the inside of the house. Wechatted for a bit, and he asked if I was feeling adventurous. I said, “Sure!” He took me up on the roof. Since I had just come from work, I was dressed up. I was wearing my fanciest Michael Kors pants and some 2″ heels. Thank god I didn’t wear the other shoes I was considering, with an almost 4″ heel. Climbing the ladder was hard enough in what I was wearing.

We went up on the roof and saw all the places that need repair. Muffin joined us while we were up there, and then Wayne proceeded to talk to us for 40 minutes. About his life. We heard all about his base jumping, his long-lost daughter, how people mistake him for a celebrity, who he knows, by the way. He was hilarious. He was awesome, but I would have appreciated him a lot more if we hadn’t been on our lunch break!

All in all, it was an excellent inspection, with excellent results. I’m pretty sure that we won’t back out of the house at this point, so I’m pretty excited. It’s getting kind of scary that we really are going to buy this house, though.


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