February 8, 2009

It’s only a dollar!

Posted in Shorts at 7:54 am by ListenMaudy

I just love the 99¢ Only store. It might just be one of my favorite stores in LA. Where else can you get candy corn flavored soda (leftover from Halloween, I’m sure), a loofah, and fake Woolite for three bucks?

I really enjoy the generic products; they crack me up. We saw an exact replica of an Entenmann’s cake (There are a lot of n’s in Entenmann’s.) but called “Capitol,” even in the same script as Entenmann’s. Rinso is a popular brand at the 99¢ store; they knock off all kinds of laundry and dish soap. I just love those brand names, too!

I feel like the 99¢ store is almost as satisfying as Target. Granted, I can’t buy any clothes at the 99¢ store, but it satisfies a deep-seated need for me to buy stuff that I can only marginally justify. I can’t entirely explain why, but I just love walking down every aisle and seeing what’s new and what I just didn’t see the last time.


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