February 17, 2009

Still waiting

Posted in Home, Shorts at 6:51 am by ListenMaudy

Hmm, for some reason, this didn’t post on Sunday, so here it is. Nothing has changed since Sunday; we’re still just waiting.

We went over to do the retro-fitting on the house yesterday. We replaced two toilets with low-flow toilets and two shower heads with the low-flow version. It was pretty fun, but we were both exhausted afterward. Removing the old toilets was gross, of course. It looked like the current toilets had been there for 20 years, or they had been removed and replaced without the wax rings being replaced.

We’re still waiting on everything else. We found out that it takes three to five weeks to get a permit in LA, and you need a permit for some of the most ridiculous things, like replacing a window or patching a hole in the wall. Maybe that’s the case in every city, but it seems absolutely ridiculous. The permit process could really mess with our schedule, and I see a lot of fights coming down the road, unfortunately. I guess that’s to be expected, though, when you’re remodeling a house.


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