February 18, 2009

Decisions, decisions

Posted in Everyday, Home at 6:56 am by ListenMaudy

Whoa, we’re scheduled to close in less than a week, on Monday. We’re getting bids from contractors now since we need to shorten the timeframe of construction. Since it takes three to five weeks to get a permit, we need the construction to go fast. We can still do the backyard and the spare bathroom before we have any permits, since they don’t get permitted. Everything else, including demo, has to wait until we have permits.

That means we really have a lot of time to do stuff that we might have put off before. We’re planning on painting the house and the backyard wall. We’re going to remove a layer of bricks on the fireplace so it’s not quite such a hulking behemoth.

Our big decision right now is flooring. We had decided on super awesome floors that were quoted at $9 per square foot, installed. When Muffin went back to get a sample, the guy said he didn’t tell us it was $9/sf, installed, maybe only for product and that it depends on the manufacturer since price varies. It’s not looking good for those floors. Luckily I found another one that I like at Lumber Liquidators. It’s only $4/sf, but that’s just for material. It will be a bit expensive, I think, for not being our dream floors.

We’re still trying to think of other things that we can do in the five to seven weeks before we can finish the house. I think I’ll be doing a lot of complaining.


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