March 9, 2009

More documents

Posted in Everyday, Home at 7:11 am by ListenMaudy

Muffin and I had to leave work early on Friday to drive 45 minutes away to sign another set of loan documents. Since we are getting absolutely nowhere with our lender, we sent our loan out to a second lender in hopes that they will be able to fund our loan this week and get us into our house.

The thing is, there were apparently no notaries available to drive the 45 minutes to us on Friday. At 2:15pm, our mortgage broker called to tell me that we needed to drive to Oxnard to sign the documents by 4pm. We were going to have to leave work two hours early on 45 minutes notice on a Friday. Thank god neither of us is that busy at work right now, but it was still a huge pain. There were things I was trying to finish up that suffered because of my time crunch.

Luckily, we made it to the escrow company before 4pm and signed the second set of loan documents. Our mortgage broker still wants to send our loan out to another lender, just in case neither of the first two can close this week. I’m really hoping the second lender comes through this week, for two reasons. First, because they gave us a 5% APR, instead of the 5.125% we had with the first lender. Second, I do not want the first lender to make a dime off of our loan. They screwed us over, so they can go to hell. At this point, we will save more money closing a week later at 5% than tomorrow at 5.125%, so I am ready to wait it out.


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