March 28, 2009

Connected once more

Posted in Home at 9:35 pm by ListenMaudy

We finally have internet in our new house! We got it installed yesterday, which really seems like a long time ago at this point. It’s not like we have had all that much time to catch up on the happenings on the internet or watch any tv, though.

This week, we finished moving and cleaned the apartment. Muffin turned in the keys yesterday, so we are completely finished with that place. It seemed like we would never be able to say that; it was slow going this week. Now, I should never have to go back there. Thank goodness.

Since we spent so much time dealing with getting out of the apartment, we  didn’t make much progress on the house this week. We are a little behind schedule, but I had never scheduled time for things like picking out tile and ordering kitchen cabinets and appliances. That’s what we did today instead of demo; that way we avoid paying the extra sales tax when it’s increased this week.

We should be doing all of our demo tomorrow, so I will try to post pictures Monday morning. The house should look totally different once the walls are torn down, and I’m really excited to see how it looks after that.


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