March 31, 2009

Week two

Posted in Home at 9:21 pm by ListenMaudy

I am no longer counting days since I just can’t post that often. We are staying up too late and doing too much work for me to post every day. Thus, I am counting our remodeling in weeks, not days. Besides, days would get too high and be really depressing.

Remodeling is totally exhausting. This weekend, my family came up (Yay family!) to help us out. We demolished a bunch of walls, moved the bar out of the kitchen, and went out to dinner. 🙂

I spent most of Friday and Saturday morning chiseling bricks off of the fireplace. The fireplace looks much better, but my left hand looks significantly worse. There are some pictures of our progress on Flickr.

There’s been a lot of stuff going on, but I just can’t think of much right now. We decided that we need to take a break every week, so we are going to relax on Mondays from now on, in theory.


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