April 6, 2009

Week three

Posted in Home at 8:29 pm by ListenMaudy

We just finished our third weekend of remodeling. It seems like we have lived here so much longer than three weeks. It’s good to remember that we haven’t been here very long since we haven’t gotten very far in the remodel.

This weekend we worked more on the walls, and we demo’ed the kitchen. We finished tearing out the walls, and Muffin framed two of the new walls. Framing was ridiculously difficuly, way harder than I would ever have expected. Pounding nails into 2x4s with a regular hammer (not a framing hammer, which is much heavier) is frustrating, tiring, nd an exercise in futility.

We wound up having to rent an electric nail gun to finish (or really, start) the framing. Now we have two walls resting in our soon-to-be master closet. It’s exciting to see and to think that we will have real walls soon.

We also got our kitchen cabinets delivered, and Muffin picked up all of the tile for our counters. It’s fantastic, and it will look so great with our all-black, shiny cabinets! We have our sink still in the kitchen so we can wash dishes and stuff, but that will be going away pretty soon.

You can see some pictures on Flickr, but it doesn’t really look like we’ve done that much in the past week. Hopefully, this week will be a bit more impressive.


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