April 10, 2009

Lost in a world of IKEA

Posted in Home at 10:25 pm by ListenMaudy

I forgot to take any pictures of the giant stack of boxes that was our kitchen cabinets. We’ve spent the past two days building cabinets and separating the boxes into piles for each cabinet. Our house went from having one big stack to having a million smallish stacks all over the place. It’s rather overwhelming, and the house looks much worse right now than it did a week ago.

As we’re building the cabinets, it’s like they’re multiplying. They go from flat-packed boxes, to giant boxes that are going to take over the living room. As of last night, I had four cabinets built, and we added another six tonight. That leaves us with seven to build tomorrow.

The three I built yesterday are totally complete, with doors and handles, but none of the other cabinets have doors, feet, or drawers. That means a lot more work than “seven cabinets” makes it sound. It sounds like I should be done building them by lunchtime. Then, I have to go back and build all drawers and make sure we have the right doors, etc. and that nothing is broken.

The three finished cabinets in a stack

We found out tonight that one of the doors is totally wrong; it’s about four inches too narrow, so unless we were looking for a peekaboo cabinet, we need a new one. I was really hoping to get away with not having to go back to IKEA to get anything repaired or replaced. That’s not going to happen.

The other reason it won’t happen is because I totally jacked up the hinges on three cabinets. They each had two doors, so that’s six sets of hinges, or 12 hinges total, that are done for. You see, the pictures in the IKEA booklets frequently suck. That’s a given, really, so you need to look ahead to the following pictures to get clarification when the directions aren’t clear. Fine, I usually do great with that. This time, however, the picture of the hinges was the last picture in the book; there was nothing left to use as a reference! It showed the hinges going in the very top and very bottom holes, so that’s were I started putting the hinges.

Then, I realized that I should whip out a door and see where the hinges hit on the door to use as a reference for the placement on the cabinets. Yeah, it turns out that the hinges go one hole in from the end. That sounds fine, right? I should just unscrew the hinges and move them to the right place. The problem with that is the hinges have little plastic tubey-things that go into the drilled holes; they hold the screws in place, like when you screw into drywall and use that plastic anchor.

I can’t get the hinge out and keep the plastic anchor intact and attached to the hinge. Since the hinges need the anchor to stay in place, they are effectively useless without that little plastic accessory. Sadly, at least two of the anchors have met their maker already, and I’ve only tried to get four of them out. It;s not looking good. Muffin has more patience with the things I mess up than I do, so I’m holding out hope that he can fix it.

Not a lot of hope, though.


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