April 17, 2009

Week one million

Posted in Home at 7:34 am by ListenMaudy

Wait, that can’t be right; it has to have been longer than that. This remodel has started to feel like it is never going to end. We didn’t get much done this weekend since we took Sunday off for Easter and to participate in a family competition. Muffin took home the trophy in our strength and eating competition, so at least the awesome trophy gets to stay at our house for at least a year.

The main thing that we have accomplished this week is finishing the demo in the kitchen. I moved all of our kitchen stuff into the back bedroom, so now it’s our dressing room as well as our kitchen. I also have to do dishes in the bath tub at this point. Since Muffin has a bad back, I think I will wind up doing all of the dishes now, instead of just most of them.

On Tuesday, we took out the rest of the counter and the sink. Muffin didn’t disconnect the sink from the water line, the drain, or the garbage disposal while he was tinkering underneath the sink. I assumed that was what he had been doing down there, so when he said we were ready, we grabbed the sink and started pulling. When it wouldn’t budge, he checked underneath and realized that it was still connected. Ha.

He disconnected it, and at that point we realized that the shut-off valves didn’t close all the way. Water was trickling out of both connections. We briefly discussed our options and off he went to the store to buy some caps. Meanwhile, I stayed home to bail water out from under our sink. We had considered shutting off the water to the house, but we didn’t know where the main shut-off was. Only small bowls fit under the pipes, so I has little bowls filling up that I would then dump into a bucket. It was exhausting.

Muffin returned but couldn’t get the valves to fit on the pipes. He then decided it would behoove him to find the main water shut-off. After I had been transporting buckets of water out to our front yard for an hour. How convenient for him! We then decided that we needed to take the connections off the pipes anyway in order to get the plywood off the wall behind the sink.

I wound up making two trip to Lowe’s, after Muffin’s original trip, and we eventually got the valves off and the plywood off. It took forever, but we finally got it to work and finished taking out the sink and counter. Muffin finished taking out the soffit yesterday, so we’re all done with the demo. Here’s the current state of the final product:

Aren't you jealous of our model-home quality kitchen?

In other exciting news, I found a lizard skin in the backyard this morning. I was pulling the stringy bark off the grapevine, looking for buds. The grapevine is actually starting to bud again after we brutalized it while taking down the lanai.

While I was debarking the trunk, I noticed the skin, and I was a little concerned that it was from a snake. The raised garden area is a mess of three-foot tall weeds right now, and we have two tiny dogs that could get eaten, or at least bitten, by a snake. Luckily, it turned out to be a lizard, so I detached the two sections of skin from the trunk and decided to keep them.

Nature is a wonderful thing, even if only in the backyard.



  1. Muffin said,

    Oh sure point out all my short commings but don’t mention why you had to make a second trip to Lowe’s. 😉
    I think this post needs an update.

  2. ListenMaudy said,

    You are correct, so perhaps I will update my omission. But didn’t you know that since I am the author, I am always right?!

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