April 17, 2009

Why I had to go to Lowe’s twice

Posted in Home, Shorts at 1:19 pm by ListenMaudy

Muffin pointed out, so helpfully, in the comments of my last post that I neglected to mention why I needed to return to Lowe’s. You see, I had to buy a pipe wrench. Muffin even drew me a picture of a pipe wrench. (It turned out to be wrong, but he is very helpful, and I can’t fault him for not actually remembering what a pipe wrench looked like, since I couldn’t either.) I got to Lowe’s, asked where the pipe wrenches were, and picked up the only one in the box.

When I got home, Muffin realized that the wrench I had purchased was missing the little guy that locks the mouth in place. I snatched the wrench out of his mitts and hot-footed it back to Lowe’s. I returned the defective one and went to look for a new one. Luckily, there was another box of wrenches shoved to the back of the shelf, so I opened it up and grabbed a new wrench.

That is the story of why I had to go to Lowe’s twice. Ta daa!


Muffin did show me an actual picture of a pipe wrench before I left. He didn’t expect me to go off of just his drawing of a pipe wrench.

(He still thought I was trying not to own up to the truth!)


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