April 20, 2009

Down in the dumps

Posted in Home at 4:51 pm by ListenMaudy

Ha! It’s a pun!

I took the day off today in order to get some stuff done around the house. Instead of doing anything actually useful, I decided to clean up the huge pile of trash that has been sitting in front of our house.

We were supposed to make an early morning dump-run on Saturday morning, but Muffin threw out his back. We spent the morning in Urgent Care instead of at the dump. Muffin’s friend from college came over on Sunday, so we didn’t get much done then, either.

Thus, I would up heading to the dump this morning. I had already loaded the truck on Saturday, but by the time I was done, the dump had reached its daily weight limit and had close. This morning, all I had to do was drive on over.

I made it there by about 8:30am, and the line was already really long.

Thats a lot of trucks waiting to unload trash.

That's a lot of trucks waiting to unload trash.

Luckily, it moved pretty quickly. I drove to the dump site, which turned out to be a giant pit. I drove down to the bottom of the pit, pushed everything off, and drove away. It was pretty funny. The guy next to me started talking to me about how women work harder than men because they have to cook and clean and then can do all the work men do. I don’t cook, so I thought it was hilarious.

After the dump run, I went to Muffin’s work to get swap his truck for my car, but then I figured that I couldn’t really do that much around the house today so I may as well make another run to the dump. I spent the next two or three hours loading the truck, driving to the dump, unloading the truck, and driving back.

The line at the dump this time was much shorter, so I didn’t have to wait as long, and there still weren’t very many people unloading at the bottom of the pit.  There was a white guy next to me when I pulled in, and he had two Hispanic laborers doing the actual unloading. He wasn’t doing anything, it appeared, when I pulled up, so I think he was slightly embarrassed that a girl was doing more work than he was.

He came over and asked to borrow my broom. He took it and handed it to one of his guys; then he came back over and started pulling stuff off my truck. He didn’t even have gloves on, and our trash is full of rusty nails poking out of just about everything. I was pulling 12′ lengths of wood of the truck, and he was throwing tiny chinks of drywall. It was so weird. It was nice of him to help, but it was really weird.

He left pretty soon after I got there, so then I got down to business getting the rest of the trash off the truck. Then two old frat guys showed up, one of whom was wearing flip flops. To the dump. The threw away a bizarre mix of trash, including a broken office chair, some jars of pickles, and an unopened case of black olives. Weird.

What a way to spend the afternoon!

What a way to spend the afternoon!

On the way home, my arms were so tired, that it was hard to hold them up on th esteering wheel. Muffin met me at home with sandwiches (Yum!), and we ate lunch together by the pool. After that, I was pretty much exhausted, so I’ve spent the rest of the day watching terrible tv. 🙂


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