April 22, 2009

Framing – Day 1

Posted in Home at 7:41 am by ListenMaudy

The framers started working yesterday. This is a really, seriously exciting development for us. We had sort of stalled out since we were waiting for the framers, electricians, and plumber to do their work before we could get an inspection and go on our merry way.

While we were at work yesterday, the framers showed up and got busy. When we got home from work, there was a new wall, two doors cut out, and a giant hole in our floor. It was awesome! It is such a relief to see what they’re doing. It looks neat and professional, and I don’t think we would have done nearly as good a job. It definitely wouldn’t have gone so quickly.

Its a new wall AND a cutout for a door!

It's a new wall AND a cutout for a door!

We have our first inspection today. They have to get the hole for the footing inspected before they can pour the concrete. At the rate they’re going, they might be done this week. If not, by the middle of next week, I’m almost sure. I’m really hoping for this week so we can cover the walls next week, but I don’t actually expect that to happen.

Now thats a hole that should pass inspection.

Now that's a hole that should pass inspection. And some nice toes, too.

This step feels the biggest and like we’re really making huge leaps toward being done with the remodel. We only have about two weeks of work once all of these contractors are done, and then we get new floors and, hopefully, new windows. Then, we’re done!

It’s amazing to think that we’re almost reaching the home stretch of the bulk of the remodel. There will still be so much stuff to do after the remodeling is done, like the backyard and building the garage, or at least a gate, but our house should be livable. We should be able to unpack our stuff and get rid of the POD, and our house and everything in it won’t be covered in dust. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s hard to believe that we’ll eventually reach it!


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