April 30, 2009

Mini update

Posted in Everyday at 7:07 am by ListenMaudy

There has been a lot going on at the house in the past week. All the walls are up, and we’re getting new sliding glass doors installed. Hopefully, we’ll get an inspection on Friday so we can hang drywall on Friday and Saturday. (And by “we,” I mean the contractor.) I’ll post a better update tonight or tomorrow.

My car got broken into last night. I’m super dismayed about it; there wasn’t even anything to steal in it. There was a clock/compass thing on the dash that a former coworker thought people might mistake for a navigational system, but it really looks nothing like one.

It was pulled off the dashboard and thrown onto the passenger seat. Apparently it did look like a navigational system. Although, they didn’t even look in the console or anything to steal the three dollars that were in there, so I wonder if they really did it because I still have “No on 8” signs in my backseat windows.

Luckily, Muffin was able to drive me to work. It just stinks that we’ve lived in our house less than a month, no, wait, almost exactly a month, and my window got smashed. I’ve never had my car window broken. I’ve lived in Berkeley and downtown San Francisco, and no one ever broke into my car; I don’t keep anything worth stealing in my car, just for that reason.

It totally ruined my day.


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