May 12, 2009

So much stuff

Posted in Home, Shorts at 8:58 pm by ListenMaudy

So much stuff has been going on that I have been way too busy to post any updates. I have been updating pictures though, so you can see the progress on Flickr.

In a nutshell, we failed an inspection, drove to the city office to pay for a re-inspection, yelled at the electrician for failing the inspection, hung drywall, got a reinspection, moved and consolidated all of our stuff into the back bedroom, moved all of the kitchen cabinets outside, wrapped them in plastic, and finally, started mudding and taping. Then everything went to hell.

Only for me, though, since meanwhile, Muffin went out of town and left me to fend for myself in the one bedroom. That’s probably all for the best though, since no there really is nowhere else to go. It’s pretty cramped with just me and the poodles, so it would be almost unbearable with Muffin here too. Sadly, that means that I have been unbearably lonely, since I can’t be on my own for more than oh, a minute before I feel like he’s been gone forever. It also means that I get to watch whatever I want on tv! There’s always a silver lining, I guess.

Obviously there has been a lot happening, but I just haven’t had the time to post. I also just don’t really have it in me. Living through all of this is exhausting enough, and writing about it makes it even more exhausting. I’ll probably feel better once Muffin gets home, but then I’ll also be busier.


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