May 19, 2009

Floor decisions

Posted in Home at 7:28 am by ListenMaudy

Not too much has been happening at the house. The mudders were supposed to be done last Thursday, but they thought they only had to do one crappy, rough coat of mud instead of two smooth coats and a final texture. They used a really cheap mud that takes about four days to dry, so that put us back a week. In theory, they’re supposed to be done on Wednesday.

Then, the contractor needs to come back in and finish leveling our concrete floor. That was supposed to be done before the mudding and taping. It wasn’t, so now it has to be done afterward. In order to install a glue-down hardwood floor (or any type of glue-down floor), the leveled concrete has to set for three weeks, minimum. We want to install floors this weekend, so that means we’re now going with a click-lock engineered wood.

We’ve finally settled on a vertical carbonized bamboo. I don’t love it, but I don’t feel like I have much choice at this point. I was voting for small tiles in the main living areas if we couldn’t get the floors we really liked, but Muffin basically glossed over that and wants engineered wood. I’m not sure which would be harder to install. We have experience tiling, though, so I felt better about that.

Another option that we had discussed was using a high-grade plywood and staining it. My mom had suggested it to me, and I had passed it along to Muffin. He immediately dismissed it, but with all the flooring troubles we’ve had, I asked him to reconsider. He actually was open to the idea for a bit, but we reached an impasse on how we would attach the floors to the concrete subfloor. He thinks installing actual wood floors will be cheaper and easier than plywood. I don’t really agree.

We’re supposed to order our floors today, but we need to figure out how long the shipping will take. If it’s going to take too long, Muffin wants to order the floors from a local floor shop. I don’t think that would speed anything up, since the ones we’ve talked to are totally disorganized. We have my family booked to come up to help install the floors. My dad and sister did some floors in my sister’s house, so hopefully they will speed us along to a successful installation.


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