October 29, 2009

Quick kitchen update

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Not much happens during the week anymore. We save all of our real work for the weekends. I burnt out months ago, so we spend our weeknights watching tv and now, going to the gym.

I spent the night at my parents’ house on Monday because I was going to a conference on Tuesday. The conference is 45 miles away from my house but only a few miles away from my parents’ house, so it made more sense for me to go down the night before instead of fighting my way through rush hour traffic.

Poor Muffin was left all alone with the poodles. Before I left I asked him hopefully and suggestively, “Do you think you’ll fix the sink while I’m gone?” He answered hesitantly, “Oh, okay. Maybe.” My hopes were somewhat lower after that exchange.

When I showed up on Tuesday night, the sink was totally fixed! It doesn’t leak; everything works, and we are done with the plumbing! We’re a little behind on our five-week schedule, but I am totally confident that we can be inspection-ready by Thanksgiving.


October 26, 2009

What to do with the closet floors?

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We didn’t get as much done on Saturday as I had hoped we would. Part of that was because I didn’t get anything done on Friday. You see, we had pre-ordered Windows 7, and it came out this week. Amazon was a day behind in shipping the pre-orders, so ours arrived on Friday. I got a box of fancy computer stuff; how was I supposed to paint the floors?!

We installed Windows 7 on Friday and finished on early Saturday. I’ll write more about that later this week probably.

On Saturday morning then, we had to paint the closet floors. I’m sure everyone is thinking, “What the hell is she talking about ‘painting floors’?” You see, we installed bamboo flooring throughout the house. If you have ever installed your own wood flooring, you know what a stupid decision this was. When we got to the closets, we didn’t go any further. We stalled and procrastinated.

Then we had a stroke of genius! What if we painted the closet floors to kind of match the wood? Who cares? It’s in the closet. This is what we decided to do. I know it’s not the greatest plan in the world, but I don’t think it looks too bad.

Please ignore the dirt.

Please ignore the dirt.

The flooring will get extended right up the closet door, so there won’t be the blue padding or the concrete visible at the end. You can see that the closet floor has some divots where the carpet tacks had been nailed down. Pulling up the nails brought tiny chunks of the floor up with them. I think this is our best option for right now. We’ll keep some flooring in case we change our mind later.

I’m torn on how potential buyers will view the painted closets. We’ll sell this house eventually, and we’d like to get a good return. If something like painted floors in the closets is going to make a big difference, we’ll find a better solution later.

For right now, it means that we can start piling all of our junk into the closets so we can make room to finish all the trim. Right now, there is stuff piled up in both of the spare bedrooms, making it impossible to install the baseboards. Luckily, we have a few weeks before that happens, and now we can start clearing a path to the walls. We’re really close to getting the baseboards in; it’s exciting.

October 25, 2009

A pleasant surprise

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I went to a play last night. A woman from work invited a bunch of her friends from work and outside work, so there were 11 of us total. We met for appetizers at her house before hand, and then carpooled to the show. It was really fun.

It meant that I had to stop working on the house at about 4pm, and I didn’t get home until almost 11pm. That’s a lot of lost time of working on the house, especially when we’re back on a timeline: We want to have our final inspection before Thanksgiving. It’s tight, but actually doable.

When I left, the sink hadn’t been installed because Muffin had come up with a great plan. He cut some tiny tile triangles to fill a couple gaps around the sink. He installed them, and then had to wait for them to set before the sink could go down.

I joked that he could feel free to install the sink while I was gone, but I really expected him to watch ‘COPS’ all night. I did ask him to do a second coat of paint in a small area of one of the bedrooms, though, since I had run out of time.

When I got home, what do you think I found?

It's glorious!

It's glorious!

The sink! It’s installed!

Everything is hooked up, except for the drain. While Muffin was installing everything, he found out that the drain pipe we have is 1/2″ too short. 1/2″! What a pain in the butt. Understandably, he didn’t want to run to the store on Saturday night, so we don’t have a drain yet. That will get installed this morning.

I cannot express how excited I am to get a sink back. It’s been over six months since we had a kitchen, and I am so sick of doing dishes in the bathroom. So sick. This afternoon, we will have a dishwasher! I have been using so many dishes already this morning, just because I can.

Thanks, Muffin!



Muffin got the sink working on Sunday mid-morning! There have still been some issues with the drain; it keeps leaking just a tiny bit. He has taken it apart and fixed it a couple times, but he needs to do it again soon.

I did run the dishwasher this morning! It was so exciting! Hearing water running through our kitchen is kind of terrifying, though.

October 23, 2009

It’s not that dentists get a bad rap

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I went to the dentist on Monday. I don’t normally hate the dentist, but this was pretty bad. I went to get a filling replaced. I had an old silver amalgam filling from when I was in at least high school, maybe middle school. The last time I was in to get my teeth cleaned, the dentist told me that it needed to be replaced.

Dentists have been trying to get me to replace this stupid filling for at least five years, so I figured I might as well. The first dentist told me that the filling was chipping off, which I thought was total crap. I was right, because neither of the next two dentists agreed with that. This dentist told me that the mercury in the filling could stain my teeth and that the filling could eventually split my tooth, even though that was unlikely.

When I got home from the dentist, I was talking to Muffin about whether I should get my filing replaced. I said that it probably didn’t matter if it wound up staining my teeth since no one probably even notices my filling. “I notice it.” Thanks Muffin.

It was only going to cost me $80, and I need to use up my FSA money anyway, so with Muffin’s gentle convincing I decided that I may as well get it done. On Monday, I left work early and headed to the dentist. I didn’t have to wait too long, which has been a nice change at my dentist’s office.

They took me back and got me ready for the filling. They numbed my cheek, and then gave me a local anesthetic shot. After a few minutes, I was feeling numb, so the dentist decided it was time to start. He started drilling, and I could definitely feel it. I winced and jumped as I could feel the drill on my tooth, nerve, or whatever. He said, “You can feel that?” Yes! Well, my yes was more like “uungghh” since I was at the dentist, of course.

He kept drilling.

Who does that?! I kept wincing and squeaking, so he stopped after a few more drills and gave me another anesthetic shot directly into my tooth. Holy eff! That hurt! He waited about three seconds before he started drilling again. Total shock: I could still feel it. I kept wincing and jumping and squeaking, and he asked once again if I could feel it. Is he new? How many people wince and jump and squeak in his chair if they can’t feel what he’s doing?

He gave me another shot directly into my tooth. This time, at least, the first shot had numbed it enough that it wasn’t painful. After that shot, he waited about 12 seconds before starting to drill again. Thankfully, that was just long enough that the drilling wasn’t painful anymore.

The rest of the filling was uneventful, you know except for the ordinary choking, drooling, gagging, and having cold water poured down your neck that I assume happens to everyone at the dentist.

October 22, 2009


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I started an entry about a month ago because it had been such a long time since my last update. I was almost done, and like a total cliché, I lost it. That seemed like a sign, not that I put much stock in signs.
Now seemed like as good a time as any to post something because I have big news: We finally tiled our countertops.

We haven’t been able to install our kitchen sink until we had counterops, so I have still been doing dishes in the sink. Now that the countertops are in, Muffin just needs to install the sink, garbage disposal, Inst Hot, and dishwasher. The dishwasher is already in place; it just needs to be hooked up to drain into the garbage disposal.

Not having the countertops has seriously been driving me crazy. Muffin has started doing some light cooking since we had the plywood down, but I haven’t been able to do the dishes in a kitchen sink. There have been some tense times. We’ve also had some people over, and that uses up so many dishes and makes such a mess. It takes days for me to clean everything up.

These pictures are of the tile laid without grout. As of right now, the grout is in, and everything has been sealed. I need to seal the tiles one more time tonight, since they were sealed before the grout was put in. I’m concerned the grouting process compromised the seal, so I want to do it again to be on the safe side. I’ll post updated pictures soon.