October 22, 2009


Posted in Home at 6:23 am by ListenMaudy

I started an entry about a month ago because it had been such a long time since my last update. I was almost done, and like a total cliché, I lost it. That seemed like a sign, not that I put much stock in signs.
Now seemed like as good a time as any to post something because I have big news: We finally tiled our countertops.

We haven’t been able to install our kitchen sink until we had counterops, so I have still been doing dishes in the sink. Now that the countertops are in, Muffin just needs to install the sink, garbage disposal, Inst Hot, and dishwasher. The dishwasher is already in place; it just needs to be hooked up to drain into the garbage disposal.

Not having the countertops has seriously been driving me crazy. Muffin has started doing some light cooking since we had the plywood down, but I haven’t been able to do the dishes in a kitchen sink. There have been some tense times. We’ve also had some people over, and that uses up so many dishes and makes such a mess. It takes days for me to clean everything up.

These pictures are of the tile laid without grout. As of right now, the grout is in, and everything has been sealed. I need to seal the tiles one more time tonight, since they were sealed before the grout was put in. I’m concerned the grouting process compromised the seal, so I want to do it again to be on the safe side. I’ll post updated pictures soon.


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