October 29, 2009

Quick kitchen update

Posted in Home, Shorts at 5:22 am by ListenMaudy

Not much happens during the week anymore. We save all of our real work for the weekends. I burnt out months ago, so we spend our weeknights watching tv and now, going to the gym.

I spent the night at my parents’ house on Monday because I was going to a conference on Tuesday. The conference is 45 miles away from my house but only a few miles away from my parents’ house, so it made more sense for me to go down the night before instead of fighting my way through rush hour traffic.

Poor Muffin was left all alone with the poodles. Before I left I asked him hopefully and suggestively, “Do you think you’ll fix the sink while I’m gone?” He answered hesitantly, “Oh, okay. Maybe.” My hopes were somewhat lower after that exchange.

When I showed up on Tuesday night, the sink was totally fixed! It doesn’t leak; everything works, and we are done with the plumbing! We’re a little behind on our five-week schedule, but I am totally confident that we can be inspection-ready by Thanksgiving.


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