November 3, 2009

Still falling behind

Posted in Home, Shorts at 5:36 am by ListenMaudy

I know everyone is going to be shocked: We didn’t finish any trim last night.

I wish I had thought about it on Sunday when we decided to quit cutting for the night because it was dark. Because of the end of daylight savings time, it’s now dark when we get home from work. It will never not be dark after work, so we will have to cut in the dark or postpone the trim.

Take a guess about which one I think will happen.

Somehow, we managed, not only to fail to catch up on our schedule, but also to fall even farther behind. We’re so close to being done; I don’t know why we can’t get our acts together to power through for a few more weeks. It’s probably because we know that having an inspection doesn’t really mean we’re done. We still have to build closet shelves, move furniture, hang pictures, and do all the normal, just-moved-in stuff that people do. It’s daunting since there really is no end in sight, even with the inspection looming in the near future.


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