November 12, 2009

Christmas candy

Posted in Everyday at 5:57 am by ListenMaudy

Muffin and I went to Costco last night to buy a bunch of fruit so that I can make us smoothies. Costco is a wonderland of treasures, and it’s really the only grocery shopping I enjoy doing. It’s almost like going to Target but for groceries!

Anyway, there were people giving away samples last night, so I got to try a bon bon mix that has me really curious. I was excited to try it, and it turns out they’re almost exactly the same as the candies my mom used to make for Christmas every year.

We called them Buckeyes. They’re a peanut buttery ball that’s dipped in chocolate. We didn’t dip them all the way in, so there was the dark brown of the chocolate with a small circle of tan peanut butter, making them look like buckeyes.

I got this picture from There’s also a recipe over there that sounds pretty close to what we used to make.

I loved making them when I was little, and I especially loved eating them. One year my mom decided we weren’t going to make them, and we’ve never made them since. I really miss making them and giving them as presents. I guess part of the problem is that no one really wants homemade candies as a gift anymore, which is a-whole-nother sad issue altogether.

Maybe I’ll make them this year anyway. The recipe makes about a zillion buckeyes, so I could always halve it and make some for my coworkers and for Muffin. Oh, but Muffin doesn’t like peanut butter. I guess everyone in my life is conspiring against me to ruin Christmas! Curses!


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