November 13, 2009

Things missing

Posted in Everyday, Home at 5:41 am by ListenMaudy

For some reason, a few things have gone missing around our house. They’re not huge things, like all of our power tools, but we just cannot seem to  find them.

First, it was the last door to our kitchen cabinets. We have the Applad Black door fronts on the Akurum cabinets from IKEA. There was one door that we hadn’t put on the cabinet yet because we were missing the plugs that fill the pre-drilled holes for the hinges. I finally found the plugs, but now the door is missing. We’ve looked through the entire house, but it is nowhere to be seen. We can’t figure out where in the world it could have gone. It’s mind boggling and driving me crazy.

The other thing that’s missing is our broom. How is a broom missing?! We used it last week, and this weekend it was gone. Neither of us remembers where we last saw it or put it when we were done sweeping, but that doesn’t usually stop us from finding it. We finally broke down and bought a new broom yesterday.

It’s like someone is coming into our house and fucking with us. They just take something seemingly small every week until they drive us crazy. The thing about this theory, is that I’m pretty sure that, at this point, it could be true. Chances are someone has a key to our house. We have a lockbox on our door that we’ve been using during the construction. We leave a key in it and change the code every few days. It’s great and totally convenient, but it means that there’s a key that’s out of our control for some time and in the hands of people we are 95% sure were involved in stealing our power tools.

We’re going to get a new front door soon, so I think I want to get a lock that we can re-key ourselves really easily. They come with a re-keying tool that you slide into the door, so all we’d need to do is cut some more notchea out of our keys and use them. It will let us keep the lockbox but still maintain a sense of security.

Our current door is deteriorated a bit, so the wood won’t really last through installing a new doorknob; that’s why we have to wait until we get a new door altogether. The door itself is fine; it’s just that the holes where the screws go in are too big and sort of stripped from doorknobs being installed and uninstalled. Now we just need to shell out $250 for the door and doorknob, and we’re all set.


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