November 16, 2009

We all have issues

Posted in Everyday at 6:54 am by ListenMaudy

Muffin has commented that he thinks some of my posts should be longer. He thinks the opinionated, ranting posts could use more fleshing out. There are two reasons why they have been so short so far. Three reasons, actually:

  1. It takes a lot of time to write a coherent, thoughtful essay on a meaningful topic. Most of the time, I don’t have it in me to commit that much time to writing anything. Thus far, I have had a hard time starting a post and coming back to finish it later. I tend to want to write about something different each time I sit down to write.
  2. If I see a super-long post on one of the blogs in my Google reader, I usually don’t want to read it. I like short, entertaining blog posts 95% of the time, so that’s what I try to write 95% of the time. Even when I go for longer ones, I try to rein it in so that I don’t go on for pages about the same topic.
  3. I get too worked up about some issues. If I sit and think about some issues for a long time, I get really worked up and angry about it. That makes it even harder to compose a well-written essay, and it makes it harder not to be upset when I’m done writing. It takes even more time and a whole lot of energy to write a meaningful post on an important topic. Usually, I don’t have it in me to commit to that, as terrible as that sounds.
  4. Bonus reason! Someone else has usually said it better than I can. I don’t want to rip off other people’s ideas, and I don’t want to be repetitive, so I try to recap main points without getting into too many of the points that are frequently made. Perhaps this is an issue with thinking that, since I just started my blog, other people are better at it, so I’ll just stick with writing about my house and how I feeeel about it.

I guess I will try to write more in the posts that address “issues” and put more detail into them. No promises, but I will give it a shot next time.


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