November 17, 2009

I heart IKEA

Posted in Everyday, Home at 5:53 am by ListenMaudy

I actually love building IKEA furniture. It’s probably one of my favorite things. It’s not really that hard, and the instructions are usually really good. At the end, you get to feel like you MADE this whole piece of furniture because you screwed some crazy Swedish hardware together.

When we went to IKEA on Saturday, we bought a bed frame, two nightstands, and a table for the dogs’ treats in the bedroom (all in the black-brown color). The sleep in their crates in our bedroom, and we give them snacks at bedtime every night. The snacks had all been crowding my nightstand, and we got crumbs all over the place. It was annoying, so we bought a table that fit over the dogs’ crates to hold their snacks.

We spent a large portion of Saturday afternoon and pretty much all of Saturday night putting together the bed and night stands. I built the table pretty quickly after we got home, so that was already done. Muffin was measuring for door jams, so I decided to be productive and build the table.

It wound up taking us until late (for us) Saturday night to finish everything, but now we have a whole new bed that’s low enough for the poodles to jump onto. Well, one of them will, anyway. We have the box spring and metal frame laying in our bedroom, so we still need to give them away on craigslist. We’re stalling though in case the new bed breaks in the first week. If it does, we’re back to our old setup.


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