November 21, 2009


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Yesterday turned out to be a great day. There was a roughly ten minute stretch were some great things happened. The first of which is this story, but first, some background.

We are really close to being done with our house. We need to finish some flooring pieces (yes, still) and install all of the door casings and baseboards. That is a lot of baseboard and a lot of door casings. I have not been looking forward to it; I have been dreading it, and it’s been looming over me, making me not want to do any other work either.

On Friday, our contractor finally sent someone over to fix the sliding doors and the pocket door. Muffin has been fighting with him for months about getting it done. He keeps changing his story that they’re fine, no they’re broken and installed wrong, no they’re broken and just cheap, no they’re fine. It’s been so annoying, so I was really excited that they were getting fixed on Friday, although, I was really skeptical that it would get finished.

The foreman, Javier, who we know and really like came over to fix the doors, so Muffin saw him at lunch. They got to talking, and Javier gave Muffin some tips on how to fix the drywall so we could install the door casings. It involved trimming the drywall and then rasping it down. I get a cold shiver just thinking about having to rasp drywall; it is making me feel ill writing this much about it.

Luckily, Javier mentioned that he could do all of the trim for us. He meant that he would do it as his job, not through the contractor, who basically hires one knowledgeable guy (Javier) and a bunch of idiots who will do the cheapest work. Muffin said no but mentioned it to me in an email. He wasn’t sure whether my cheapness or my laziness would win out in this case, but I was all over it! Muffin asked Javier how much it would be. Take a guess. No, lower. Lower! $400!

I am shocked! Our house is over 1,500 square feet. There are six doors that need casings on both sides, three of which will have to be r-a-s-p-e-d. My parents were going to come up to help with the trim today. There were going to be four of us working all day, and we were not going to finish everything, I am sure. This is the best deal that we’ve gotten on the house. It’s worth every penny, and it will look great when it’s done.

Javier is going to start the baseboards on Monday and hopefully finish them on Tuesday. That means that we don’t have to do any baseboards or any door casings! I am so unbelievably excited about this development. It makes me way more willing to spend today doing work because I know that I will never have to do the baseboards.

This also puts us way back on schedule, so it will be way easier for us to be ready for an inspection this week or next. That was really the best news I had all week up to that point. It made my weekend!


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