November 22, 2009

There’s a lot to do even without the baseboards

Posted in Home at 7:24 am by ListenMaudy

We worked all day yesterday, but I still don’t feel like we got a lot accomplished. Muffin wasn’t feeling well for part of the day, so he took a nap. It was only fair since my alarm went off at 5:30am. I went back to sleep, but he couldn’t. I felt bad about that, so this morning I didn’t set my alarm at all. Of course, I didn’t get out of my pajamas until about 10am, so there’s that.

I spent pretty much all day yesterday painting door casings and doors. We had 28 8′ pieces of MDF for the door casings, so that took quite a long time to paint. While I was waiting on one batch to dry, I started to fill in the fireplace. It will need at least one more “coat” since it isn’t all the way full. It needs to be basically flush with the front of the bricks, but you can see that isn’t the case yet. I need to build it up over a few coats, because one thick coat wasn’t working.

Not so even yet

ET says, "I love hugs."

Our main goals for today are finishing all the floors, since we still are slacking on that, and filling in the fireplace. If we can get those two things done, I’ll be pretty happy. I would like to finish painting the doors; I only have two left to paint. I’m not expecting to get that done today because we’re driving to my parents’ house for dinner, and we have to run some errands on the way. That means we should stop working at about noon.

Oh, we may also need to move a ton of furniture and crap. Javier is coming tomorrow to do the baseboards, so we might need to clear the walls for them to work. I really hope they will move everything though; that would make our lives so much easier. You know, on top of them already being easy because we’re not doing the baseboards.


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