November 23, 2009

Flooring ends

Posted in Home at 6:19 am by ListenMaudy

We worked pretty hard yesterday. Granted, I was still slow to get moving in the morning, but so was Muffin. We didn’t get started until about 9 o’clock, I think. We decided to start on the floors, since that way we could just get them over with and not have to worry about them anymore.

We cut the long strips of floor that we needed to finish off the edges that we hadn’t done when we were installing the floors because we’d “just do them later.” Much, much later apparently. Those long strips went surprisingly well and were surprisingly easy. In the end, they look surprisingly good. I’m actually quite shocked at how well they came out.

It's almost like this was on purpose

You can see that the skinny piece along the wall looks pretty good.

Unfortunately, they also took quite a long time.

Then we moved on to the short skinny pieces on the other ends of the walls. These are a total nightmare. Since our cuts weren’t that straight when we were installing the floors, it’s almost impossible to match the cuts with other pieces of wood.We didn’t think the cuts would need to be straight, since they’re supposed to be covered by the baseboards.

Not quite so nice

They just don't line up that well.

There are two main reasons for this problem with the lengths of the floorboards. 1) The instructions for the flooring gave some ridiculous calculation that basically meant we should leave an inch and a half of space between the floor and the wall. 2) We didn’t have our baseboards picked out when we were doing the floor.

Number 2 is only an issue because it turns out that baseboards really don’t come in many thicknesses, and the thicknesses available really aren’t that thick. It makes sense to me now; it’s really annoying to have thick baseboards so that your 8′ bookshelf has to stand an inch away from the wall at the floor and then leans either farther away or right up against the wall at the top. Either way, it’s not a great situation. Totally reasonable that no one really wants thick baseboards, so they aren’t an option. I wish we had figured that out before we did the floors.

That leaves us in the situation where we have to carry a baseboard around the house and figure out where there’s a gap underneath. Then we have to go around and put little strips of flooring in the gaps and glue them in. Luckily, Muffin had started on them earlier this week. We got most of them finished yesterday, but we ran out of time before we had to go to my parents’ house. We got enough done so that Javier should be busy today, and we can finish the rest of them tonight.


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