November 27, 2009

Baseboards: Day 2

Posted in Home at 5:22 pm by ListenMaudy

Our house is way cleaner today. They didn’t make nearly as much of a mess, and it looks like they tried to clean up a little bit after themselves. Almost all of the baseboards are done, with only the areas we wouldn’t let them do waiting for baseboards. They didn’t finish all the door casings though, so it’s not like they were waiting around with nothing to do.

That means they should be finished today! The house looks great with the baseboards, and it’s strange how much of a difference they really make. Everything is starting to pull together and look finished, which is hard to wrap our heads around. When they finish today, we will be practically ready for the inspection. We’ll have to paint the fireplace and do some touch ups, but that’s about it. It is so crazy!

Here is a picture of the floorboards that also show off the blue we choose for the hallway:

It almost looks finished!


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