November 23, 2010

More knitting

Posted in Everyday at 7:51 pm by ListenMaudy

My life is way too boring right now to be writing blog posts. I set a goal to write at least once a week though, so now I’m going to stick with it.

All I’ve really been doing lately is knitting. I finished knitting a Christmas present for one little kid on my list, but I still have a bunch more presents to make. I’m also planning on participating in a sew-along in December, which I’ll write more about later,when we’ve gotten started. I’m starting to feel like I might not be able to get all of these things done by Christmas. I might wind up taking a day off in the middle of the month just to get some sewing and knitting done.

I already cut some of the knitting off my list because I’m short on time, so I’m really hoping that I can make everything else. I’ve already enlisted Muffin’s help in doing my chores in case I’m busy making presents, so I think I’ll be pretty busy knitting and sewing during December regardless!

Also, Muffin felt that I was remiss in my last post about my knitting needles, so I feel obligated to add that besides being able to knit very large items, we are also safe from vampires!


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