December 9, 2010

Black Friday

Posted in Everyday, Little bear at 7:26 pm by ListenMaudy

Muffin and I go shopping on Black Friday every year at this point. It’s kind of like our own little family tradition. We get up early and head out. We don’t go anywhere that’ll be really crazy, like Target or Wal-Mart. Since we moved to LA, we go to the outlet mall about half an hour away from our house, where we like to go shopping anyway.

This year, we got up at 4am and headed to the outlets; there were some really good sales that ended at 6am and some others that ended at 8am, so we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss them. Muffin had also been working on convincing me that we needed an iMac. He’s decided that he should be an app developer, and in order to do that, you need a Mac to test your apps, etc. Does he know anything at all about programming or software development? No, but he’s really going to learn it, I swear!

Anyhoo! There happens to be an Apple store between us and the outlets, and whattya know, they opened at 8am on Black Friday. We just happened to be on our way home just after 8, so we made a detour to the Apple store. Muffin had checked on Thanksgiving, so we knew that iMacs were $100 off on Friday. Since it’s Apple, $100 is really the best you’re ever going to get in terms of a discount, so I caved.

We bought the iMac and brought it home. It’s supposed to weigh about 20 pounds, but it seemed a heck of a lot heavier. It was hard to carry into the house and get up the threshold.

Computers are heavy!

I set up user accounts for us, and we signed up for some training classes in the Apple store. So far, it’s been pretty great. It’s actually nice to have a desktop again, after about seven years of having laptops. It also is GIGANTIC. I mean, my laptops have gotten progressively smaller and smaller, but this thing is massive. It makes me feel so small when I sit down to work.


It also came with a printer, which, in theory, should be roughly free after the mail-in rebate. Luckily, we were able to submit the rebate immediately after we purchased it, while we were still in the store. Now we’re just waiting for the check to come. I’m still waiting for my rebate from AT&T from when we switched our cable to Uverse in 2008, so hopefully this one will be just a little bit faster.


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