December 14, 2010

Crepe Sew-Along

Posted in Sewing at 9:54 pm by ListenMaudy

I joined Gertie’s sew-along this time around, but so far I feel a little overwhelmed. It turns out that I haven’t sewn in over seven years. I was trying to figure out the last thing I sewed, and it was way before I met Muffin. I’ve made some stuffed animals and a pillow, stuff like that, but I haven’t made any type of clothing. I am a little rusty.

I’ve also never tried to do any alterations, so I’m really frustrated at how it’s going. I think I have too much stuff going on, and too many projects I want to make all at the same time, to be able to focus enough on making the Crepe dress. I don’t love the sleeves and neckline of the dress in general, so I think that’s interfering with my progress too. I don’t like the way they look in general, so how can I alter them so they look good?

I have some time off between Christmas and New Year’s, and I have a bunch of chores that I want to get done then. Maybe I should put off the sew-along until then. Since I feel a little overwhelmed, the thought of having to figure out how to make the dress fit me isn’t so appealing. Also, the idea of having to pin the muslin is throwing me off. Do I pin it while it’s on or after it’s off?! How is it possible to pin it while I’m wearing it? But then again, how is it possible to know where to pin it when it’s off?! This is why I haven’t sewn in seven years, I’m guessing.

Wish me luck. I’m feeling totally down about the Crepe sew-along, so I’ll leave you with my two terrible pictures. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to retake them and delete these forever!

Crepe Muslin 1 - Front Crepe Muslin 1 - Back


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  1. Maudy Paden said,

    Hi Maudy,

    I sew too and came across your blog as I was checking for my own on a search engine. My websites are and You might enjoy seeing what we have in common. Best wishes with your sewing! Cheers, Maudy Paden

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