August 16, 2011


Posted in Knitting at 6:32 pm by ListenMaudy

Since I’ve been knitting so much, I thought that I ought to knit some things for charity. I have so much yarn in my stash that I won’t wind up using the yarn that I don’t really love. I figured that I could put some of that Red Heart to good use knitting some things for charity.

On Ravelry, I came across the Stitches for Sisters (SfS) group and thought their project sounded like a great opportunity to use up a ton of yarn and support a good cause. (Although I do think the name is a bit odd.) They were making blankets for women in Ethiopia who suffered from fistulas, which are basically holes in the vaginal canal caused by prolonged labor. Hamlin is an Australian organization that provides surgery to repair the fistulas, and then gives the women a blanket after the surgery for comfort. SfS collected 4″ squares from anyone willing to knit them and is sewing them together into quilts. It was a great thing to be a part of, and I can’t wait to see photos of the finished blankets.

I knit 88 squares in total. I also had some other knitting projects on-going at the same time, but I managed to spend most of my time on the squares. Each square took me about 45 minutes or an hour to knit, so I was able to do a lot of squares in the less than two months I worked on them. I only managed to knit nine wool squares. I used my dyed Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool, and it seemed like the fibers would become airborne. Whenever I knit with it, I had a hard time breathing afterward, so I shied away from knitting with it very often. The wool squares came out nicely, even if there are very few of them.

Charity Wool Squares

The only problem was that shipping the squares to Australia cost $19! After they sew the squares together, they’re going to have to ship the blankets to Ethiopia. I imagine that if everyone just donated the money spent on shipping to Hamlin, they could do a lot more good for a lot more women.



  1. northernnarratives said,

    Wow, 88 is a lot of squares to knit. I am sure that each one will be loved. I also knit for charity, mostly miittens for children Judy

    • ListenMaudy said,

      I hope so! I’ve knit one pair of children’s mittens, but I didn’t know where to donate them. I’d love to know where you donate yours.

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