September 14, 2011

Bedrooms are finished!

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We got our new roof at the beginning of the year. It’s great, it’s lovely, and it keeps the rain from pouring into our back bedroom. After that, we were able to replace the drywall and redo the room. Unfortunately, we had to replace the flooring also. We had spent all that time installing the bamboo flooring, but since it had a huge amount of water damage, we had to tear it out completely.

We decided that the two small bedrooms should match, so even though, the front bedroom had no water damage, we tore out the flooring from there also. That was so depressing to have to do. Luckily, I really wanted carpet in the bedrooms in the first place, so I’m pretty happy about having carpet now. I do wish we had put carpet in the master though, too.

Muffin did all of the drywall, taping, and mudding in the back room, and he did an absolutely awesome job. It looks fantastic. Since he had done all of that, the least I could do was paint, so that was my contribution to the back room. We bought the carpet from The Home Depot, and we bought one of the cheapest options available. You really can’t tell, now that it’s installed. It’s soft, it’s nice looking, and it’s great to walk on.

The installation team turned out to be one lone guy, and it only took him a few hours from start to finish. He was really nice, and he did an awesome job. I’m really glad to be done with the bedrooms, and many thousands of dollars later, they look really nice.

I had to wedge myself in the closet, so the picture's not that great.