December 21, 2010


Posted in Everyday at 8:00 pm by ListenMaudy

Muffin and I go to my parents’ house every weekend for a family dinner. Most of the time, my parents send us home with a ton of leftovers, which make great lunches for me throughout the week. Last weekend, my mom had gone to a craft fair or something of that nature and had come home with two bags of kettle corn. She gave me the smaller bag, which still was a lot of kettle corn.

I know that I like kettle corn, but I haven’t had it in years. Muffin doesn’t like it and absolutely hates the smell, so I never get it when we’re at a fair or anywhere that sells it. When my mom gave me some, I was super excited, but then I got in the care and opened the bag of kettle corn. O.M.G. It was so freaking delicious. I had no idea how good kettle corn was, even though I knew that I liked it overall.

On the drive home, I ate more than half of the bag. I only stopped because I didn’t want not to have any the next day. Also, Muffin had seen how big the bag was, so I figured I didn’t want to hear about having eaten it all. I swear there must be MSG in there, or maybe crack, or maybe morphine, like in cheese! Whatever’s in there, it’s absolutely delicious.

Kettle Corn Heaven

If only I had more kettle corn!


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